Quality Assurance as a daily commitment.

Innovation is the hallmark and one of the major drivers of our existence. A considerable amount of our strategic decision-making goes into finding new ways to create better products, find better technologies, foster a more worthwhile work environment, and identify more efficient ways of functioning.

Handorf products ensure that manufacturers, interior designers and our customers are satisfied and excited about the added benefits of design and ease of use in their living space.

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At Handorf, we embrace new trends by constantly brining in new innovative, value based and trustworthy products for wide range of furniture to ensure safe living & secure working environment.

The aim is to fulfil all the commitments with profitable growth of our channel partner as well as the company. We offer best sales and distribution services so that our product reaches as far as possible.

We constantly focus on our customers’ applications and their needs to provide them the products and quality that are as per their requirement.


At Handorf, we believe a good partnership is packed with adventure and based on trust - We do everything we can to gain your confidence. We fulfil our corporate responsibility towards you, society, the environment and our employees, so that we can inspire you over the long-term.

Handorf promotes and encourage a spirit of continual improvement in all the aspects to ensure our company is sustainable and viable in future.

Each new trend means a new opportunity: to be one of the first. Handorf is keen to support its customers at every step of the way, with innovative products that are state of the art and new services that make your life easier. Let’s shape the future together!

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If you are interested in our knobs and handles, if you want to find out how we work, where and who with, and if you are attracted to the world of decoration and the latest fashions in interior design, then you should definitely follow us!