Quality Of Handorf

At Handorf, we work with high quality materials and apply the latest technology to achieve the best results.

Our products are getting ever-more complex through ongoing development, and manufacturing processes are becoming more and more technical. They stand out for quality, performance and design.

The company quality management system continuously monitors the quality of all production processes. After going through rigorous quality control checks, we can guarantee that our products are aesthetically, technically and functionally impeccable.



The technical department of Handorf, supported co-operation with external Designers, gives maximum attention to the realization of new projects which are both functional and aesthetic requirements.

Human Resource

Handorf invests large resources to ensure that there is continued improvement and awareness within the Company.

Work Environment

Our people are our biggest assets and we ensures to provide them with safe, healthy and rewarding work environment. The company carry out periodical investigations which allow us to maintain the healthiness of the working environment.


The various production phases are under continuous monitoring. The quality of the products is inspected during all the manufacturing phases. The final testing for approval is made during the assembling phase.


Quality often lies in small details and its assurance is our daily commitment which help us to improve and be better than we were yesterday.

Customer Satisfaction

Continuous and constant attention is paid to ensure maximum Customer satisfaction. Assistance and willingness to help is guaranteed to the customer during all phases of the business relationship.


If you are interested in our knobs and handles, if you want to find out how we work, where and who with, and if you are attracted to the world of decoration and the latest fashions in interior design, then you should definitely follow us!