Slim Box Drawer System


Handorf slim box drawer system integrates fashion and elegance, and provides maximum storage, smooth and quiet movement. It is widely used in high-end kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and many other spaces.

The slim box profile is a new runner system that has been developed to combine sleek design with outstanding running characteristics. The quality of motion can be felt from the moment you open the drawer.

They boast a feather-light glide, enhanced ease of motion, impressive quality and elegant design.


Much More Storage Space

The slim sidewalls aim to maximize the internal storage space. The height of the side panels can be extended and has a more beautiful visual effect and maximizes the storage space.

Height options of the side walls: 88mm, 126mm, 172mm.

Easy Installation and Adjustments

3D adjustments - up & down, left and right, and tilt adjustment, make installation easy and perfect. Slim box drawer system offers more efficient and convenient, assembly and removal of drawers.

The drawers are equipped with easy fixing connectors that make installation incredibly simple.

Slimbox Lifestyle.jpg
Slimbox 6.jpg

Various Design Options

This clever drawer system makes optimal use of the storage space available and provides flexible design options according to your storage space needs.

Drawers can be personalized with the help of different drawer fronts like glass, profile, and square bars.

Dynamic Load Bearing Capacity

Slim Box performs outstandingly even when fully extended and heavily laden.

Even very wide and heavy pull-outs have a smooth running action thanks to a high dynamic load-carrying capacity of 40 kg.


A perfect mix of Fashion and Elegance

The drawer side panel is straight and impressively slim, just 13mm thick, and has a linear appearance design that meets modern style.

Slim box systems offer a wide range of design possibilities and aim to meet the diverse design demands placed on furniture.