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The Curved Lines handle

By Handorf Team     Craeted At : May 18 2020

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The design of this Curved handle emits the perfect balance between integrity and sinuosity. Its curved shape adds balance and subtlety to the space where it is Placed. It ensures a comfortable and practical grip.

Manufactured in Zamak, it’s a handle with a touch of daring about it. It’s not every day that you see handles with Curve lines contrasting with sides that are markedly rounded. This combination gives it a groundbreaking aesthetic with added character and its style.

It can also be fitted horizontally and also vertically in the most groundbreaking of interiors, looking for an innovative effect.

It’s Three sizes of 128mm, 192mm, and 288mm and Four Finishes - Chrome, Brushed Satin Nickle, Oro Antique, and Anthrazit, which means it is extremely versatile, offering a variety of options on bathroom cupboards and drawers, bedrooms, kitchens, and other contract projects.

It belongs to the Zamak line.

Model - HC 548

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